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Combine MasterItems in KPI Designer

Hi all!

In Qlik Sense Enterprise I'm trying to combine two master items on top of each other. When combining two bar chart layers in KPI designer, they overlap without any issue but when doing the same with two separate Vizlib bar charts (added to master items), one layer covers the other.

When the container isn't selected in edit mode, I see both charts but when clicking 'Done' or when selecting the container, the transparency disappears. Is there a way to combine them?

I've played with Background Color and Background opacity under Container Styling but that doesn't change anything. The background color of both layers is set to transparent. I can't find any background settings in the Vizlib bar charts.

KPI Designer 1.13.1

Vizlib Bar Chart 2.6.0

  • [Sidenote: Please implement some draft saving on here, I've rewritten this twice!]

    I've been contacted via email (this forum is Vizlib's ticketing system?) quickly after posting this thread and have been made aware that the above cannot be obtained due to lack of transparency in the separate visualizations.

    My goal was to create a waterfall chart with about 40 measures. Qlik's default solution has a 15 measure limitation but I made it work by creating several visualizations as such:


    Vizlib provides a more flexible solution by allowing all my measures in one chart, which is preferred by my client. There are two downsides for me here. The first and foremost missing feature is the ability to adjust scale. Second (less important) is not being able to customize subtotal bar colors. I do very much like the individual bar coloring though. I see you have Waterfall Axis Custom Ranges in the pipeline. Would there be an ETA on that? This is an essential feature for me. Currently it's just not usable with my data:


    Thank you for your quick and most professional support. Stay safe :)

    Vizlib Waterfall 1.4.0

  • When creating a forum topic, an additional support ticket is created. This is both very helpful and somewhat confusing. But most importantly a shame the community doesn't get appropriate updates. I did an analysis on all 81 threads of this forum and there's an average of 1.2 replies to each topic. 31 of those topics remain unanswered, that's nearly 40% of the entire forum.

    I'm guessing a lot of these 'unresolved' topics were answered via the support tickets. If all those resolutions would be properly documented on the forum, there'd be a much more comprehensive knowledge base.

    Just a suggestion! I guess we could make a cool visualization of this :D

    As far as my topic goes: no ETA. Sticking with Qlik's default solution for now and using KPI Designer to unify things a bit. Without overlapping anything, of course.

    Thank you, Daniel, for your tireless support!

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