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Fix Read-Only option on Vizlib Line Chart interactive panel

Correct Read-Only option in the interactive panel of the Vizlib Line Chart, because even if configured as disabled, the extension does not provide the filter functionality from the chart itself


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  • Dear any position on the resolution of this problem? We are going through this situation and we need support.

  • Hello everyone, is there a forecast for the implementation and or correction of this functionality?

  • Gentlemen, good afternoon.

    Do we have any positioning regarding attendance for this post?

    Any planning for implementation or workaround that we may be using?

  • Hi Roberto,

    I hope you're well? 

     I'm not sur if you received the messages I sent though the ticketing system but thought I'd post it here just to be sure 

    I've had a discussion with the developers regarding this. Sadly this isn't a bug but rather requires the implementation of a new feature which will take longer for us to implement  

    If you have one dimension you can’t select the same dimension again. We don’t have an option for selecting particular points or a certain measure in a line chart.

    The reason we believe this to be a Feature Request because we never had it in the line chart,

    Please bear with us while we work on this and you will be notified once a fix is released
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