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CSV export from vizlib table only exports 200k records. Is this a known limitation? Also, the formatting of numbers is different in csv and excel

  1. We have around 1m rows but the csv shows only 200k. Excel export is able to show all the data.
  2. The csv export follows the number formatting defined in table for measures (rounded to 0 decimal places) while the excel export still shows the decimal points.

  • Regarding the wrong formatting when you export please have a look at the Microsoft article here: 

    While yes we have a limit of exported rows and previously mentioned Vizlib Table requests more data than visible, we need data for coloring rows for example. 

    Think of each expression for formatting rows, as a cell of data/metric.

    The hypercube has a limit of "cells", this is why

    While formatted export is limited by browser, all data is loaded into the browser first 

    Also, vanilla (Export to CSV and export data to Excel) export is handled directly by Qlik, so all 'known limitations' (if exist) from Qlik are still valid, but there shouldn't be any from our side

    Sadly these export issues are not something we can work on as they are limitations from Qlik which sadly we aren't in the control of 
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