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Vizlib Bar Chart v2.9.0 released!

Release Date: 24/03/21

- [LIB-8544]: Context Menu Enhancements
All users can now make changes to chart display, without going into edit mode or maximizing the chart.
These new capabilities will allow users to drilldown into data, highlight the data values to gain knowledge and much more.
Users are able to control these settings:
- chart type from Stacked to Grouped drilling down into the data.
- Show\Hide of values of the different measures
- Chart display: Horizontal\Vertical
- Show\Hide of Axis and Legend

- [LIB-8624]: App Numerical Abbreviations 

Numerical abbreviations set in script editor app variable are being ignored in the Y-Axis Display.

- [LIB-8322]:Hiding Y-Axis in Trellis Container

Hiding axis of bar chart is not working with Qlik Trellis container.

- [LIB-8719]: Y-Axis Ticks Format

Y-axis ticks aren't displayed when using master item number format.

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