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Vizlib/climber selection bar: only one selected value

This is a highly requested feature for the Vizlib Selection Bar: A toggle to turn on "One selected value" for a field in the list.

In many cases we are interested in only being able to select a single value from the field but without having to lock the field itself to "always one selected value" in the app. There are two main reasons why we can't use "always one selected value":

1. It is not supported for NPrintning. 

2. Multiple values of the field is used at the same time in other sheets.

This option was available in an in-house developed extension. However, it is no longer supported.

This option only affects the selection of values in the selection bar - it does not affect the field elsewhere.

If multiple values have been selected elsewhere, the selection bar will indeed show multiple green values. However, the next time the user clicks on one of the values only this value is selected.

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  • I understand the use case but there is a significant risk that this becomes confusing for the user since it would work differently compared to other selections. I would recommend using a variable for this type of feature instead of a field. That way you could control it better but still not go against the way Qlik Sense normally works.

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