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Vizlib Table v3.16.4 released!

Release Date: 02/04/21

- [LIB-8786]: Color of Selected Values

When performing a selection in dimension that already has selected values.
Instead of showing the new selected values in green they are colored in gray.

- [LIB-8737]: Resize of Column Width in Master Item

Resizing of column when Vizlib Table is used as a master item, doesn't work and column is back to original width automatically.

- [LIB-8778]: Display of Rows During Selection is Limited

When using Vizlib Table as a master item during selection only 79 rows are displayed.

- [LIB-8718]: Selections in Field Action 

Using Action Selection in Field to apply selections to another field, a user needs to click twice on the table value.

- [LIB-8611]: Open URL Action in Qlik Cloud.

Open URL doesn't work in Qlik Cloud when set to "Dynamic".

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