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Vizlib Line Chart v4.0.1 released!

Release Date: 13/04/21

- [LIB-8870]: Data Gaps Display 

Line chart Data Gap option doesn't correctly interpret data, when using Connection or  Show as Zero. 

- [LIB-8307]: Advanced Analytics Number Formatting

Number format isn't applied to Advanced Analytics values 

- [LIB-8702]: Legend Scroll Buttons

The Legend Scroll buttons work in opposite way from expected behavior.

- [LIB-8628]: Vertical Segment Colors

Line Vertical Segments colors doesn't work as expected.

- [LIB-8935]: Loader Background Display 

When using Line Chart v 4.0.0 and Button on the same screen,
the button loader is displayed on the screen, covering part of the display.

- [LIB-8937]: Rendering Image is Stuck 
Line chart v4 stuck on rendering image when added to a sheet with button

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