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Input Form - Inject Script Template?

Hi Guys

I am trying to get a test input form set up. Have created my QVD and selected it as a destination on my form, however I believe I am missing a script to writeback to the QVD in my Data Load Editor. 

I've seen help topics online that inject the script automatically (the same as the writeback table) however we must have an older version of Qlik Sense as I am not presented with that option. 

Is there any sort of a template script I could manually enter myself to capture the form entries? Thanks!

  • Hi Jake,

    Thanks for your reply, the wizard process is assuming you have a pre existing Script in your scrip editor from your app and a data source, this needs to be in place beforehand:
    Pre existing script example:

    Data Source pre existed, the qvd will be created is not present.

    Once you have that  pressing save will inject the script into your QVD from your Data Source. I will attached a sample app with input form.
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