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Finance: Account Ranges when GL Accounts contain dash ("-")

I have GL Accounts that have a dash in the GL Account Number.  I think this is pretty common.  How are others dealing with the Account Range feature that uses a dash in the Accounts field of the template?

  • The GL Accounts have a "-" in them as part of their structure.image

    I'm looking to build ranges which require a dash in the template  (i.e. 1-111-02-1-111-05).  However, I believe this triggers the actual GL Account 1-111-02 to be considered a range and parsed.

    Thank you very much for adding the above information, it allowed my colleague to understand your query.

    Sadly the support is kind of limited; as the template does not do that out of the box but a simple change to these parts of the script should do the trick for you:

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