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How to add data driven annotation to a line chart

I'm trying to create a dashboard in Qlik using vizlib line chart for monitoring anomaly detection in some trend KPIs. Here is my data columns: 

alarm_comment, flag (which has a binary value), metric_value, year_month_date

The dimension is [year_month_date]. The measure is [metric_value]. What I need is to show annotations for the dates that have the FLAG=1, I did the following but it doesn't add any annotations to the line chart:


Also, although in the screenshot the value for Value on x-Axis, Measure value and Title are different, when I open expression editor, the 'Field' is 'alarm_comment' for all 3 of them (second picture). Could that be the issue? 


  • Oops! The first picture was not uploaded correctly! Here is the correct one:


  • Hi Sarah,

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend?

    I hope it helps, here is an example app with annotation and excel file for loading the data for the app you can add annotations to it
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