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Vizlib Writeback Confirmation

We have a request from our stakeholder to provide a confirmation dialog box after the user clicks the 'Submit' button on the Vizlib Writeback table. Ideally, the message would be customizable, displaying a message when a particular field value has been changed. In our situation, we'd like to display a confirmation message when the user changes a date. It would look and perform similar to the 'Fields in destination do not match' dialog box that currently displays within the Vizlib Writeback table. After clicking Submit, the dialog box would appear. By clicking 'Ok' the submission is complete. By clicking 'Cancel', the dialog box disappears and the user is sent back to the writeback table. 

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  • Great idea. Let's get this one scoped for development!

  • This sounds like a great feature to have as part of the writeback table. 

  • Looks like something that can be used by many projects.

  • The plan is to add Vizlib Actions to the Writeback table and in combination with that we could include this feature. Thank you for the suggestion!

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