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Vizlib Finance Report v3.10.0 released!

Release Date: 10/05/21

NOTE: Added in a previous version is the Horizontal Virtualization that improves performance in wide tables. We noticed that some customers had not realized it needed to be manually activated to take effect. (We might not have communicated that earlier ;-) )
To enable this feature find this setting and activate it in the property panel. (Using property panel search is the easiest way to find the setting.) 

- [FR-1538]: Add setting that blocks user selections inside the Finance Report

The developer now has the option to block selections inside the table. (The table will of course still react to normal selections elsewhere in the application.) To disable selections in the table. Flip this switch:

Recommendation: Along with the changes in the below bugs we also improved the code and performance even when nothing special might have been noticed by the users. We therefor recommend updating to this version also if you are experiencing any performance issues. (And in that case also do activate Horizontal Virtualization as mentioned above.)

- [FR-1537]: Finance object does not render when using hide header settings

When using the option to hide headers the Finance Report did not render properly. 

- [FR-1481]: Top dimension hidden does not work with totals position left/right

Similar to the issue above some positions of totals made the table render incorrectly or not at all.

 Vizlib Finance Report Documentation  

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