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Vizlib Sheet Menu - Side menu with many Master Items


Along the line of "Vizlib Sheet/Side Menu: Support for Grouped Master Filters", we face side menu display issues when a filterpane contains too many filter values for the screen to render.

With QS Feb 2021, a new behaviour was introduced and we see "..." in the side menu when all the filters cannot be displayed.

Current options with Master Item height are:

- Auto: QS will autmatically add "..." at the bottom of the object, but user cannot click on "..." and expand the list of filters. 

- Manual: limited to 600px, which is too low as a value.


From an aesthetic standpoint, we also want to control the height of the object to ensure few filters don't get expanded, so that our users experience a clean view over collapsed drop down lists.

It would be ok to have a vertical scrollbar if more space is required. 

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