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Vizlib ODAG using Vizlib Server

Hi, due to having analyser licences within our client estate we are unable to utilise ODAG based linkage using self service climber experimental setting or even just native ODAG (which is also very confusing to create and set up) thinking a simpler set up using vizlib server here could be awesome.

i think that there could be a really useful ODAG based option using that of the vizlib server if possible, where it will take care of the reloads etc, then within the setup component of an ODAG based option, that it could generate the basic scripting for ease of use (like writeback currently does). where selections can be made in one app, then using the features similar to the document chaining solution button, where it can open a template session app (or a stand alone app that self deletes like qlik sense native ODAG) possibly that has been developed to display details etc. this app could then disappear once client exits the app. this could be integrated with different data sources (sql,qvd etc) to load the details from selection app and reload the details into a separate app for displaying results.

this may well not be possible, but im sure there are many use cases where this would be awesome addition to the armoury and certainly something i feel like i could benefit from in the future.

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  • Hi Mat Oram,
    Than you for you input on this topic. We rarely get questions on the experimental template functionality of the Custom Report so it's always great to see when someone digs deeper into our extensions :-)

    I agree this functionality would open up for some interesting use-cases and as far as I can tell it is definitely possible with a combination of Writeback and Custom Report. However, there has (so far) been very limited interest in similar solutions so this is not on our immediate road map. 
    Kind regards


    Please note your unique ticket reference (#25304) and URL

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