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Vizlib Calendar filter logic as in version 1.7.0

Hello Vizlib Team,

users face issues when perform selections in Vizlib Calendar after upgrading from 1.7.0. to 1.9.0.

In the attached video you can see how the Vizlib Calendar 1.7.0. behaved, and how users would like to continue to interact.

It is possible to define some property to allow user switching between 1.9.0 and 1.7.0 logic?

Thanks a lot,



  •  I'm not sure which specific behavior of 1.9.0 you're referring to, but from our side we've submitted a bug report for newer Calendar versions due to changes in behavior causing range selections on months to behave incorrectly. That ticket is currently working its way through Vizlib's support structure. We've decided to stay on an older Calendar version pending the resolution of the issue we reported.

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