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Vizlib Finance Report v3.10.1 released!

Release Date: 20/05/21

- [FR-1541]: Sometimes finance report stops working after clicking ctrl + e

Small issue with using shortcut buttons to go to edit mode. 

- [FR-1480]: Measure should not be calculated if the calculation condition is false

Measures that were set to not calculate were accidentally sent to the Qlik engine for calculation. For applications with many non-active measures this was a rather big performance issue.

- [FR-1485]: Group name not appearing when calculation condition is 0

If one dimension was hidden the group name did not show up as it should.

- [FR-1536]: Finance Report- Exporting Negative Percentage values has incorrect display

Exporting of negative percentage values with a parentheses came out wrong when being exported to Excel. 

- [FR-1524]: When Dimensions are hidden the group name also gets hidden

Same as FR-1485 but it happens when hiding a measure.

- [FR-1503]: Finance Report- Doesn't render the Total when selections are made

Subtotals were sometimes not recalculated after selections were made. 

- [FR-1540]: Finance report does not reflect background color / text color for headers after changing it in property panel

When changing the header colors a reload of the page was required before changes showed up.

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