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Viztips for Line chart

Hi, would be awesome if viztips could be available on line charts (and scatter charts if not already available). 

as majority of vizlib products now contain viztips, just think that the line chart would benefit from viztips, as in my case i show trends to a month level, but be awesome to hover a line point and see the breakdown of a kpi by date within that month

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  • Hi Mat Oram,
    ​Viztips For line chart are on the roadmap for the coming months, 
    Scatter chart we'll be right behind. 
    Please note your unique ticket reference (#25391) and URL

  • Hi, 9 months later. We definitively would like to see VizTips on more extensions. Line Charts, Scatter Charts, Pie Charts and Heat Maps are our favourites. How is this coming along?

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