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Allow Quick Select and Filter Level always one selected value for VizLibTable

When having a VizLib table, where mulit-select is disabled, and you want to change from one selection to another, the current process involves two steps.

First you have to unselect your  currently selected value and only then you can select a new value. It would be more intuitive and user-friendly, if simply clicking on the new value would automatically unselect the previous selection and then select the new value.

In priniciple this is the behaviour, VizLib Filter shows, if you set Quick select and Filter level always one selected value, so the request is to enable this behaviour for the VizLib table as well.

Best regards


  • Hi Fischer Dirk,
    Thank you for raising this idea, 
    If you are after only one selected value in the field, why not set the field to one selected value always. 
    Furthermore, when you make a selection in the table all other values in the dimension are hidden,
    ​So how does the user changes the selection in the table? 
    Please note your unique ticket reference (#25393) and URL

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