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Enable Effective Searching of Community Discussions by Adding Search/Filters (e.g. Questions/Bugs/Feature Requests)

Please add Search and Filter functionality to enable searching effectively and efficiently within Community Discussions e.g. Questions/Bugs/Feature Requests. This will also reduce duplicate requests, and enable users to vote up their favorite features better.

We are in the process of evaluating Collaboration Writeback (and learning on demand) and running into issues. We would like to check the posts on the Community Discussions, prior to submitting tickets if possible (as well as lend support to open feature requests that are similar to our needs). Not seeing a search/filter/sort on the community discussions at:

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  • Hello,

    It's quite painful (for you) that we cannot search through existing feature requests and we will create duplicates :-)))

    Kind regards,


  • Haha yes it is, especially my mind is used to Qliking (or Vizlibing?) data, and this is a 'dataset' too in theory no? :D Thank you Armand! :)

    kind regards,


  • Hello Insiyah,

    Just to avoid any confusion, I am not from Vizlib, but I support your request very much!

    I don't have the patience nor the time to browse through the pages of feature requests... It's a dataset indeed and it should not be overcomplicated to add a search box :-D

    Kind regards,


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