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Enhanced Support for Calculated Columns in Vizlib Writeback Table Export to Excel

This is to request enhanced support of calculated columns in Writeback Table exports to excel. Currently the hypercube mostly appears to be the focus of the export, so:

1. the column order of the exported data elements does not always match the column order in the table.

2. calculated columns are sometimes excluded from the exported file.

3. calculated column names are not retained in the exported file which shows the underlying script as the column name.

Related tickets: #25377, 25378, 25379.

  • Agreed. The ordering of the columns (depending on how you adjust your writeback) doesn't seem to correlated properly when exporting (no matching). I'd think the export would consider the display label, but seems like its just the display on the actual writeback table vs. the column name on the exported file.

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