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Vizlib Gantt v2.0.0 released!

    Release Date: 28/05/21

- [VGT-343]: Gantt wizard

A new quick setup wizard that will sets up a configured gantt in under 60 seconds


- [VGT-327]: Multi-line event labels

Adjust events and display more information, with less clutter on gantt

- [VGT-295]: Cascade events mode

Events can be cascaded, using the classic "one row per event" view that traditional project planning tools offer. 

Offers a compact view where less data is displayed inside each event bar

- [VGT-367]: Bar/Milestone color field not working with Qlik color expression

RGB & ARGB coloring was previously not being read. This is now readable alongside the existing support for hex color codes

 Vizlib Gantt Documentation

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