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How does the Pivot Table dynamic styling work

I am using the VizLib Pivot Table and I'm trying to apply a dynamic styling on one dimension column based on the value of a different dimension column.  For example, I want the background color and font color of Column2 to be based on the values in Column1.  I have tried adjusting the Field and comma separated list parameters for Column2 but nothing seems to be working.  I can get it to work on Column1 but the same logic doesn't work for Column2.  Any advise?

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    Adding to the above for Dynamic Styling in Pivot Table, with an expression like this: concat({<Column1={"Value1"}>}distinct Column2,',')  you can enable dynamic styling

    But please do note the above will work only if there is a hierarchy between the columns.

    Future Plans are being considered to introduce a different way for colouring dimension values(not decided yet how), in the meantime, you can use the above.

    Thank you

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