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Vizlib Filter do not hide from stories where QlikSense Native filter do not show when we export to powerpoint or pdf.  This is a basic functionality which should have been already available instead of feature request. Kindly add this feature at the earliest.

  • Hi Hema,
    Vizlib filter can be used as much more than filter is you add measure and threshold, icon, or image, and some customers use it and want it in their stories.
    Furthermore, there are cases where you might want to display the filter in the story to give the reader the context of the data he sees. 
    Vizlib Filter and Qlik Filter aren't the same objects. Vizlib Filter has much more capabilities and display options, and we can't guarantee that everything in the Qlik filter will also be part of Vizlib Filter. 
    Having said that, we'll look into the option to introduce a setting that will allow you to hide specific filters from stories. 
    Please note your unique ticket reference (#25662) and URL

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