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Sheet Menu - On Selection Change Event

Could you implement all standard actions for the On Selection Change event (similar to the actions exposed for the On Sheet Change event)? Currently we only have 4 actions available for the On Selection Change event.

All the actions could prove useful in the future, but currently I'm trying to mimic the QlikView behavior of Document Event Trigger -> On Any Select -> Select Possible Action.



  • Hi Chris,
    we limited the actions possible for the "On Selection Change" because there is a risk of crushing the Qlik engine we some combination of actions 
    for example, a select possible action on any selection change will work only if you have one selected value mode; otherwise, this action will run every time you select a value even before you confirm your selection. 

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#25665) and URL

  • Liron, thanks for the response. 

    Do you know if there is any way to mimic the QlikView Document Event Trigger -> On Any Select in Sense?

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