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Vizlib filter horizontal orientation for listboxes

Add please horizontal orientation for listboxes (checkbox and led). Now it can be used only with buttongroup.

Like on the attached image.

(1.35 KB)

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  • Good idea.

  • Hi Roman - this is now available in the Vizlib Toolbar. Please give it a go and let us know what you think. You can arrange the filters and a variety of inputs in an infinite number of ways. Learn more here and here

  • hi. We have on-prem version of vizlib library and have no vizlib self-services. I don't think that it's difficult to add horizontal orientation for listboxes as it is in this filter for buttongroup. i don't see reason to buy other product just for this. In addition, I don't know can it work on prem.

    I downloaded toolbar from site, but now I can't try it, because our system has no internet connection.


  • Our team will review this as a feature request for the Vizlib Filter. Thanks Roman!

  • Oh, good news/ I'll be waiting!

  • Hi.

    Is there any news on this request?

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