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URL as a link icon within a writeback table

I have a use case for creating a clickable URL link within a writeback table, the URL will be a none editable field populated from the app data model.  Rather than display a long URL I want to display a clickable icon (as I would be within a standard Qlik table). Has anyone tried / succeeded with doing this?

This is part of a development backlog planning app which ingests data from our support desk platform, we'll then use the writeback and Gantt to do our Sprint planning, the URL will be a link back to the ticket item within the support desk.

Any thoughts or ideas you may have would be great.

Thanks, Dave

  • Hi Dave,

    After checking this internally, I understand that we currently don't have this feature in our Writeback Table.
    We appreciate the feedback and I wanted to reach out with some alternative resources to direct you to.
    1) To start, I would recommend taking a look at our community forum: hereThere, you can find other users who may be experiencing a similar roadblock.
    2) If that resource doesn’t work, you can post your request on our ideas forum: here. This forum lets you pitch a product or service idea to our team. If our Product Team likes it, they may consider it as a future product or feature. 

    Note: Feature requests will still come through support and we will stay in touch via email just as normal, we ask that they are posted in the community since this is a public forum, sharing is caring! Please note that feature requests are subject to review by our Product team.

    Hope this helps.

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