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Line/Bar/Combo Chart - Dim/Meas No Restrictions

We would like a Line/Combo/Bar chart with absolutely no restriction on how many Dimensions and Measures are utilized.

We have several use cases for multi dimension, multi expression charts and there is currently no solution from either Qlik or VL for this problem.

  • Hi QlikTeam,
    The limitation about the combination of a number of dimensions and measures is Qlik Engine limitation according to the type of chart. 
    ​What type of visualization do you aim to create? 
    ​For example, how do you draw a line chart with 2 dimensions and two measures and make it readable? 
    Currently, as stated above this is a Qlik limitation, If there will be changes to those limitations we'll revisit this. 
    This isn't part of our roadmap for this year currently. 

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#25815) and URL

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