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Vizlib Toolbar v1.1.0 released!

Release Date: 22/06/21

- [VSS-2020]: Bookmark input type

Use a list of bookmarks in selection bars or drop-downs. With a filter on the bookmarks you can even show only a few selected bookmarks or make separate lists with bookmarks of different types!

- [VSS-1950]: Add number format settings for Slider

Numbers in the slider object can now be properly formatted (i.e. use one number but display it in a different format)

- [VSS-2040]: Color picker - Cancel reverts already applied color

- [VSS-2029]: Can't change Input type when adding element from the property panel

Changing of the input type was only possible from the wizard.

- [VSS-2001]: Improve time between selection and updated selection in extension. 

The time to make selections is now significantly improved. Especially this is true for cases where there were many other objects on the sheet or there was a lot of data.

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