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Vizlib Waterfall v2.0.0 released!

Release Date: 28/06/21

- [LIB-7596]: Variance Waterfall Display

A new option to display two measures and one dimension.
This type of display give users a fast way to find the contribution of the different entities.
For example: Actual vs Budget by Product, getting insight of the individual contribution of each product to the overall results.

- [LIB-8756]: Values Labels Display 

Set the font size and color for the label display.

- [LIB-9305]: New Options in Properties Panel

New Settings to control chart display:

  • Set characters limit for Axes Display 
  • Control connectors line width and type

- [LIB-9544]: Data Values Display

Setting the values display on Show in general setting, doesn't effect the chart.

- [LIB-9455]: Tooltip Display in Total Bar

Pointer cursor over total bar displays the wrong title, if total bar label was changed in properties panel.

- [LIB-9088]: Tooltip Number Formatting

The waterfall measure tooltip ignores the number format setting.

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