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Vizlib Bar Chart v3.1.1 released!

Release Date: 05/07/21

- [LIB-9362]: Number Formatting 

Number formatting when using "Auto" option is broken.

- [LIB-9505]: Custom Max and Min Display

Using Custom min and max values for the numeric axis, causes the bars display to be out of place. 

- [LIB-9495]: Overlapping Value Labels

Overlapping values labels aren't hidden when there is more than 1 Bar chart on the sheet.

- [LIB-9353]: Tooltip Display

Tooltip display the wrong measure title, when hovering over the axis label.

- [LIB-8911]: Bar Chart in Qlik Container 

Vizlib Bar Chart in Qlik Sense Container freezes after multiple selection.

- [LIB-8875]: Viztips Display 

Viztip displays loading image on a chart.


- [LIB-8531]: Icons and Data Values Display

Icons and data values are cut off when their value is in the end of the Axis.

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