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Vizlib Tiles v2.2.0 released!

Release Date: 05/07/21

- [VSS-1940]: Fade in/out scroll

Bottom and top of the Tiles can now fade in/out to show there is more data to be found. Search for fade in the property panel to activate.

- [VSS-1930]: Tiles Display Out Of Bounds - Add extra margin setting

New option that adds an extra martin at the top to make sure out of bounds objects are shown even if they are larger than the top margin of each tile.

- [VSS-1849]: Allow icons to be calculated per Tile

Icons can now be different between tiles based on a calculation. This is the same approach as with other calculations that it is optional if the calculation is made once or for each Tile.

- [VSS-2037]: When we pick icon with expression and we reload the page error appears 

Page refresh would break the icon expression calculation.

- [VSS-2075]: Tiles background setting + Search bar use causes console errors.

Using the sequential mode of the background color caused issues.

- [VSS-1923]: Gradient background is not working for Footer.

The background should also accept a gradient background

- [VSS-1915]: Background color - Gradient generates console errors.

Related to VSS-1923.

- [VSS-1912]: Console error when we pick Bullet option from Measures + more.

Errors appeared in the console when using Bullet option, Comperative indicator, Comperative value, Background show/hide, Axis show/hide, Range value base, Background color, Layer border. Functionality was not affected.

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