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Vizlib Writeback Table & Vizlib Input Form v3.2.0 released!

Release Date: 02/07/21

- [CLB-1561]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Vizlib Actions.

Include additional steps into your writeback flow with Vizlib Actions - e.g. clear selections when submitting form. Check out more here.

- [CLB-2476]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Convert Input Form to Writeback Table with Form View.

- [CLB-2633]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] New Color Picker in Property Panel.

- [CLB-2632]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Better columns / fields selection when in edit mode. 

 - [CLB-2726]: [Input Form / Writeback Table - Form view] - Additional color options for nested groups. 

- [CLB-2714]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Improved response handling for REST destinations. 

- [CLB-2731]: [Input Form] Form scrolls down when app reload task is triggered.

- [CLB-2724]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Dollar expression reload issue.

- [CLB-2667]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Bug fixes for date column.

- [CLB-2661]: [Writeback Table] Dropdown field does not accept a number as valid string.

- [CLB-2619]: [Writeback Table] Checkbox column data binding fixes.

- [CLB-2565]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Endless loader in some mashups.

- [CLB-2203]: [Input Form] - Improved wizard responsiveness.

- [CLB-2458]: [Writeback Table & Input Form] Improved performance for numeric and text columns / fields.

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