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Vizlib Table v3.17.0 released!

Release Date: 12/07/21

- [LIB-9432]: Context Menu Enhancements 

A new option to add more control over the table look ad feel for end users as part of the analysis process.
This new option include:

  • Merge Cell - merge all identical values on a dimension, if they appear on adjacent rows.
  • Totals- Show\Hide, set the location of total row.

- [LIB-9543]: Copy Cell Value

Copy Cell Value option is now part of the main context menu, moved from the sub menu export.
This change will give users a more intuitive way to copy important cell values.

- [LIB-9562]: Export Formatted Data To Excel

Exporting using “Export Formatted Data to Excel“ option in Qlik Sense May 2021 creates a corrupted Excel file.

- [LIB-9573]: Template Not Applied 

Template is applied to the wrong table.

- [LIB-9394]: Sorting Icon Display 

Sorting Icon in the table appears even when the user disable interactive sorting. 

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