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VizLib Action - Select All Values Except One

How do I write the expression for the VizLib action to select values in a field, where I want all values selected except one?

My field is Risk Status.  There are several values in the field.  I want to run an action to select all values except 'Closed'.

  • Hi Lea,

    With the Product Manager's assistance, I understand that you could use the Vizlib - Selection in field action 
    with and expression similar to this ='(' & Concat({<Alpha-={"A"}>}distinct Alpha,'|') & ')'

    Where you replace 'Alpha' with Risk Status and 'A' with Closed.

    Attached example app for your reference.

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#26666) and URL


    Vaisaali Vasudevan
    Technical Support Engineer
    Vizlib USA

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  •  Slight addition to the above:

    ='(' & Concat({1<Alpha-={"A"}>}distinct Alpha,'|') & ')'

    Without the added 1 in the set analysis, you will select only possible values excluding A, not all values excluding A. Note that using this version may override other selections if only excluded values of Alpha exist.

  • Thanks for the additional details!

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