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Vizlib KPI Designer v2.1.0 released!

Release Date: 16/07/21

- Templates Quick Access 

This new feature allow users a quick access to templates, making it easier for users and developers to reuse KPI designs created in previous apps.
This will help users to build meaningful visualizations to find their insights in the data. 

- [LIB-9396]: Variables Usages in Custom Format

Number Custom Format doesn't support usage of variables.

- [LIB-8476]: Error on Qlik Cloud (SAAS)

"Invalid Visualization Error" when KPI is placed in Qlik Cloud Sheet.

- [LIB-9580]: Console Errors

KPI Designer has a few console errors.

- [LIB-9540]: Negative Number Formatting 

Negative Currency Number Format different when compared to v1.15.0

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