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Vizlib Finance Report v3.11.0 released!

Release Date: 19/07/21

- [FR-1492]: Allow switching to already used dimension

Finance Report now allows you to switch to a dimension that is used elsewhere in the report. (I.e. switch a top dimension with a sub-row dimension.) 

- [FR-1486]: Separate totals style formatting

When using the Finance Report with totals like in a pivot table (Not using the best practice structure suggested in the template.) the totals can now be formatted independently from other rows. Activate this feature in the Row Styles section of the property panel. 

- [FR-1493]: Allow control of scrollbar width

Scrollbars can now be made wider to make them easier to click. (This solves the issue that some users had on high-resolution screens and certain browser zoom-levels.)

- [FR-1588]: Styles are loaded multiple times

The styles would sometimes be loaded multiple times which could cause styling to be wrong.

- [FR-1589]: Finance totals showing to the left although is set to the right

Hopefully the last fix for totals positioning...  This was another edge-case where with some certain settings the position of the total would not be moved to the right where it should be.

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