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Vizlib Heatmap - tooltip on the axis values

Is there a way to add a tooltip to a heat-map object for the dimension axis? when the user hover of each value of the axis he will get a tooltip for this value

  • Currently, the dimension hover displays only a standard dimension value display and the heatmap display tooltips can be customised.

    We appreciate the feedback and I wanted to reach out with some alternative resources to direct you to.
    1) To start, I would recommend taking a look at our community forum: hereThere, you can find other users who may be experiencing a similar roadblock. 

    2) If that resource doesn’t work, you can post your request on our ideas forum: here. This forum lets you pitch a product or service idea to our team. If our Product Team likes it, they may consider it as a future product or feature. 

    Note: Feature requests will still come through support and we will stay in touch via email just as normal, we ask that they are posted in the community since this is a public forum, sharing is caring! Please note that feature requests are subject to review by our Product team.
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