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Vizlib Ridgeline Plot v2.0.0 released!

Release Date: 30/07/21

- [LIB-9339]: Reference Lines

Add reference lines to highlight important dates or values, adding context to the chart helps users to find insights.

* Known Limitation: reference lines don't work in combination with time aware axis.

- [LIB-9637]: Color by Custom Measure 

Color the different mini charts by a custom measure to highlight the importance of different entities.
* Tip: your expression for the color should be like this: sum(total <1st dimension> Field)

- [LIB-8945]: Alternative Measures and Dimensions 

Add Alternatives Measures and dimensions to the chart, enable user to drill through and pick the right measure for their question to get to the bottom of their data questions.

- [LIB-8949]: Selection on X-axis

Enable drag selection in X-axis to give users the ability to focus on the important data to their question.

- [LIB-8946]: Time Aware Display 

Enable time aware display for X-axis to make the chart display clearer and help user to read the chart.

- [LIB-9758]: Console Log Errors

- [LIB-9752]: Console Log Errors 

- [LIB-9186]: Colors Display 

Incorrect color is displayed after selecting one line, when the color type is set to 'By measure'.

- [LIB-9147]:No Data Message

 The message: "No Data to display" is displayed when extension data is loaded

- [LIB-9189]:Duration Measure Formatting

 Duration format does not work for measures.

- [LIB-9191]: Qlik SAAS Errors

Console errors occur in Edit mode when working in Qlik SAAS.

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