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Even though the list of VizLib icons is extensive, I'm often not able to find the ones that I need.  I would like to see the following icons added to the VizLib icons list, so I can use them in VizLib visualizations, rather than staying on native Qlik buttons.

-Add standard Qlik icons to VizLib icons set.  Take a look at their list of icons on the Qlik Button chart type.  There are a lot of icons in there that I have not been able to find in VizLib icons.  We use a lot of the native Qlik icons a lot, but would like to switch to VizLib if there was a replacement.  See attachment 'Qlik Icons'.

-Add more standard/basic shapes.  I haven't been able to find a regular diamond, or just a regular triangle that's pointing up (there actually is one, but it's really small).  Attaching some examples of basic shapes.  PowerPoint has a good list of basic shapes to start with.

Thanks so much!  This might seem insignificant, but it would make a great improvement to our dashboards being able to switch to VizLib buttons and being able to use the same icons that we've been using from the native Qlik buttons.

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