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Vizlib Custom Report v5.11.0 released!

Release Date: 11/08/21

Two new visualizations have been added in this release! Try out Vizlib Combo Chart and Vizlib Bar Chart. 

To be able to use both new visualizations make sure to update the extensions to the latest version and activate them in the data set!


- [VSS-1241]: Add Vizlib Combo Chart 

Don't miss the settings on the context-menu (right-click menu) to configure the visuals.

 - [VSS-2053]: Add Vizlib Bar Chart

This is what you want to use if you need stacked bars!

- [VSS-921]: Data set creator Wizard design improvement 

- [VSS-2036]: Add row merge option to context menu for Vizlib Table

Use right-click in Vizlib Table to use this function.

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