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Non-consecutive date preests in Vizlib Calendar

I'm looking to set up a preset range for Vizlib Calendar that would allow selection of non-consecutive periods - for example, LYTD + YTD, or January, April, July, and October of this year (the first month of each quarter).
I can write these as Qlik formulas in the search bar and save them as a bookmark, but in Vizlib Calendar I haven't been able to find any way to allow this to be written as a quick-select date range. My preference would be to have this within the calendar if possible.
If there's any suggestions as to how to achieve this, I'd love to know!
  • I've been able to confirm this with our Product Manager to say it would require a Feature Request.

    Please go ahead and submit a request in the forum: here to have the Product Team review it so as to consider it as a future product or feature.

    Note: Feature requests will still come through support and we will stay in touch via email just as normal, we ask that they are posted in the community since this is a public forum, sharing is caring! 
    Please note that feature requests are subject to review by our Product team. 

    Thank you for your feedback. Have a good rest of your day.
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