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Self-Service Bookmark Manager extension

Dear wizard of Vizmagic,

We have tens of users who create bookmarks and share them with their respective teams, i.e. 500+ published bookmarks within a single app.

Qlik does not offer any feature to share bookmarks with users or a search option.

I dream of a Self-Service Bookmark Manager extension that could fill the gap:

- Search through bookmarks

- View for each one the selections in scope (like from native feature)

- If security rules allow, I should be able to rename/publish/unpublish/change ownership/delete any bookmarks in the app

That's all, not a big deal, but that can make a huge difference.

Cherry on the cake: would it be possible to add any bookmark property and group bookmarks with that?


  • Hi Armand,
    thank you for your suggestion. As always we appreciate all the engagement and ideas! 

    We have considered similar "administrative" extensions (much more could definitely be done on other administrative tasks too) but unfortunately it is slightly outside the scope of our current products we offer. Potentially something we could combine with the Vizlib Server in the future if we get more request (and see a willingness from customers to pay ;-) ) for this type of functionality. For now not in the plans though.

    Kind regards


    Please note your unique ticket reference (#27412) and URL

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