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Scrollbar Vizlib Library Heatmap

Hi, we were working on implementing the Vizlib Library Heatmap for 2 dimensions  (Week ~53 values and Product ~500-1000 values) and 2 measures. Because there is no scrollbar in the Vizlib Heatmap, we couldn't implement this visual into our dashboard. Could you please consider adding the option for a scrollbar for heatmaps?

Thank you in advance.

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  • Hi Julia,
    Thank you for raising this idea. We do have a plan to introduce a new version of the Heatmap. 
    We'll consider this request for the new version, although using a scroll bar in a heatmap chart might confuse users because they lose the context of the higher values in the map.
    Please note your unique ticket reference (#27485) and URL

  • This option would be very important! To my opinion, the heatmap is almost unusable without this function. You only can use dimensions with a very limited number of values. That makes me really sad as the object itself is very cool (except the missing scroll option).

    @Liron: I do not think you get confused. It is then a bit like a table you scroll. And if people do get confused they can turn it off. 

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