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Vizlib Tiles v2.3.0 released!

Release Date: 09/09/21

- [VSS-1331]: Tile editor improvements (Phase 1)

With this version we have taken the first step towards including more settings in the Tile editor. This means you will spend less time switching between the editor and the Qlik Sense Property Panel and hopefully increase the speed of development. A lot more to come in future versions on this topic!!

Changing the position and opacity is found here:

And use right-click to duplicate and decide what level each tile object should be in by moving them forward or towards the back.

- [VSS-2044]: Flip card/tile and show Viztip on the back

Design your own Viztip and show it on the back of each tile! Activate the flip either on the entire tile or from a specific object/icon on the tile.

- [VSS-2105]: Vizlib Tiles - Cursor improvements

The mouse cursor will now switch more appropriately between the pointer and the hand depending on if there is an action or not under it.

- [VSS-9920]: Vizlib Tiles does not export data on SAAS

Export of data now works also in Qlik Sense SaaS environments. Important limitation: Exporting of data will only work for newly created Tiles objects. Objects created in older versions do still not support export in Qlik Sense Cloud/SaaS. 

Also, Qlik does still not allow export to Image or PDF from Extensions in SaaS. Please let Qlik know if that is a required feature for you by emailing Qlik Support.

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