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Vizlib Filter v3.10.0 released!

Release Date: 13/09/21

- [LIB-9754]: Templates 2.0
New design for the templates interface.
Give users better access to templates, to take advantage of previous designs created by others in the organization.

- [LIB-10080]: Filter Object Covers other Objects

Setting a bigger size for markers, results with the filter object covering other objects on the sheet.

- [LIB-9928]: Display of Excluded Values

Setting the filter object to hide excluded values, doesn't affect the display and excluded values are still displayed.

- [LIB-10081]: Indicators Display

Indicators do not show + console errors.

- [LIB-9717]: Error Code-2

 Occasionally getting Error Code-2 in Vizlib Filter.

- [LIB-9638]: Vizlib Filter - Access denied. 

When adding and removing templates, occasionally results with an "Access Denied" message.

- [LIB-8802]: Buttons with Markers

Adding markers to buttons, causes for a change of the size of the buttons.


- [LIB-9667]: Selection of Search Results.

When a search returns more than 1000 records only the first 1000 are selected.

- [LIB-9753]: Link to Example App

The link to the example app in the portal is broken.

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