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Vizlib Pivot Table v3.1.2 released!

Release Date: 17/09/21

- [LIB-10047]:  Master Measures Format 

When users are adding master item measures to the pivot table using the wizard, their number formatting will be automatically picked up for the display.

- [LIB-9991]: Tooltip and Ellipsis for Long Names

Field and master items with long names, will be displayed with ellipsis, and a tooltip with the full name is displayed when hovering over the item.

- [LIB-10088]: Console Log Errors

Removing the custom HC causes for console errors.

- [LIB-10063]: Calculation Condition for Dimensions

Calculation condition to hide dimensions, resulted with only hiding the dimensions label.

- [LIB-10039]: Moving Measures from Rows to Columns.

Trying to move Measure box between columns and rows doesn't work.

- [LIB-9351]: Pivot Table Object Overlap Other Objects

A pivot table object, might over lap other objects during selections action in the pivot table.

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