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Pro Active License Usage Monitoring

Hi There,

Currently there is no way of knowing if you are about to hit the maximum user limit. We received an email telling us we had reached the maximum limit, only when it happened. By then it was already too late, our client's end-users' (New external users that pay a premium to access Qlik apps), first experience of their allocated dashboards showed the 'maximum user' error.  

It would be great to notify customers beforehand that they are nearing their license limits, even if it is a simple message such as 'You have used 90% of your user licenses)  or an API end-point from which we extract and monitor this ourselves.

This would be really useful, as it gives us time to react (and buy more licenses!). Instead we are forced to quickly delete users who have last login/access date is the earliest (Also not ideal, as these users are still valid users).

Many thanks,


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  • Currently there is no way of knowing* I should rephrase that to 'Currently no active alert!'

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