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Vizlib Line Chart v4.1.2 released!

Release Date: 22/09/21

- [LIB-10142]:  Calculation Condition Breaks the Chart

Disabling visibility condition on a measure breaks the Line chart.

- [LIB-10026]:  Second Measure Calculated Condition

Calculated condition for a measure on the secondary axis isn't evaluated when it's set using Vizlib Switch.

- [LIB-10141]: Second Measure Display 

Hiding the first measure using calculation condition results in a second measure with the wrong values and tooltips.

- [LIB-9897]: Data Values Display 

Turning off markers display, causes for the data values to be set off also.

- [LIB-9899]: Line Chart Display in Nprinting Reports.

Line chart is missing Y-Axis and horizontal reference lines in Nprinting reports.

- [LIB-10079]: Y-Axis Custom Label Display

When using a custom label for the Y-axis.
The label is repeated according to the number of measures in the chart.

- [LIB-10085]: Legend Display

Legend display doesn't show the line type of the different measures.

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