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Vizlib Gantt v2.1.0 released!

Release Date: 24/09/21

- [VGT-342]: Options to customise (and enable/disable) stripes

Stripe customization provides you with the option to color the Gantt stripes to match your dashboard theme or company branding.

- [VGT-455]: Vizlib Gantt Navigation Refresh

We have improved the usability of the navigation buttons to provide a better experience for both mobile and desktop end users.

- [VGT-331]: Collapsible left panel (mobile optimisation)

A collapsible side panel allows for a larger view area for both desktop and mobile users. Revealing more screen real estate for those on smaller screen sizes and devices.

- [VGT-462]: Gantt Wizard properties not working

After creating a Gantt using the set-up wizard, some of the settings did not apply when modified in the property panel.

- [VGT-465]: Event Pins opacity doesn't Register

Setting an opacity for event pins did not apply when adjusting the settings in the property panel. 

- [VGT-256]: Row alignment displays incorrectly after scrolling

Timeline scrolling was out of sync on the groups panel.

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