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Loading dimensions in timeline view

Good evening, 

I am looking for a way to combine different fields containing date objects for the first dimension in the timeline graph.

I have a field containing the project start and another field with the project end.

Sum or concat don't seem to work.

Many thanks

  • Hi Fiona,
    ​the way Timeline works it has only one date field the size of the different events is the same, 
    What is the use case you are trying to achieve using both start and end date 
    Please note your unique ticket reference (#28573) and URL

  • Thanks a lot for your answer. I understand that Timeline wants all dates in one field. Since I have all dates scattered over different fields I would have wanted a formula to concatenate two or more fields and make the timeline believe it was one. 

    My use case: I want to show project start, milestone1, milestone2, project end in a timeline. I want to see how fast my project advanced through time.
    I will just have to reformat my data.  

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